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Prayer Meeting

We desire to encounter God as a community

as we meet to worship and pray together.

Join us once a month on Tuesday at 8pm. Check the event calendar for the actual date.

God wants his church to be a house of prayer for all nations.


Corporate prayer is a most exciting event. It’s an encounter with God and with each other. Prayer is entering into a heavenly conversation that is already taking place. Remember how Isaiah heard the Father and the Son and the Spirit talking to each other saying, ”Who will go for us?” (Isaiah 6:8; Acts 28:25 & John 12:40)


Jesus cleared the temple of traders and merchants who were stopping all nations from praying in his Father’s House.
We want to clear our diary of other things and get together to pray; to pray for all nations, but also so that all nations can be represented as we gather to pray together as a community. That means that everyone is important; it’s a prayer meeting for all.


Prayer is a solitary event and prayer is a community event. We are encouraged to go into the closet of prayer. And we are thrilled to go into the house of prayer. We retreat so that we can hear God, so that when we get together we all harmonise like the instruments of an orchestra with one conductor and the same score. The Spirit is the conductor, God’s agenda is the score.

Ah prayer. What a wonderful forgotten art and privilege given to mankind.

The Dancing Word

Ah! The dancing Word,
The moving Word.
The Word made flesh,
The Word that will not rest.

The creative Word,
The prophetic Word.
The Word that encourages,
The Word that comforts.

How can you engage this Word ?
You can stop and listen.
You can observe the dance.
Or. You can join the dance.

To observe or to listen,
Only tells you what was.
But to join the dance
Tells you what is.

Prayer and worship
Are joining the dance.
Listen the band is playing,
The room is swaying.

Will you join in ?
The dance with The King !

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